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About Candle Wishes – Our Cause

About Candle Wishes – Our Cause

logo_cwMISSION: Candle Wishes exists to impact the lives of children in need by making birthday wishes come true, providing essential needs, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

WHY?: Thousands of children and their families have been blessed by Candle Wishes since 2002. Countless children have experienced the thrill of receiving their first bike or that special toy they dreamed of having.

Numerous parents have felt the relief and joy of having their child’s wishes granted and their needs met during a time of hardship. But more important than any material gifts are the spiritual and emotional blessings Candle Wishes participants receive. A child hears for the first time at a Candle Wishes party that Jesus loves him unconditionally.

A parent who doubts that the world cares about his family is encouraged because he sees that their well-being is important to the community. Those touched by Candle Wishes not only gain happy birthday memories but learn that they are loved and valued by their fellow man and by their Creator.

Quick Facts:
· Founded in 2002.
· Candle Wishes is a 501 (c)(3) organization.
· 700 Children Participating Annually
· Participating families found through partnerships with the Atlas Program (serving homeless children in Rutherford County Schools), The Hope Center, and others.
· Candle Wishes is a volunteer run organization.


 Getting Involved Beyond the Family 5K:
· Sponsor a Child (click here: – Using a child’s wish and needs lists, sponsors purchase a child’s birthday gifts.
· Sponsor a Party (click here: – Groups sponsor monthly parties where the birthday children and their families enjoy games, food, cake, and receiving the birthday gifts.
· Give (click here: ) Give a financial donation to help children who are not sponsored and to enable Candle Wishes to grow and help more families!
· Volunteer (click here: – Come be a part of giving these children happy and memorable birthdays

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